A Birth in the Shadows
A Birth 
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Champion the pain and use it as fuel...

A Birth in the Shadows

It was the silence that kept me,

the silence I heard in the night,

after the fighting had commenced,

and the screaming

and shouting

took flight.

And as I aged, it opened my eyes,

why my eyes never turned from the light,

since my birth was covered in the shadows,

and only seen in the words that I write.

Though all I remember is the darkness

and red,

the screams have never left me,

they circle in my head,

and the shouting doesn’t scare me,

it keeps me warm instead,

as I look forward

and find solace

to what’s up ahead...

Your screams don’t scare me anymore,

those shouts I heard through closed doors,

and those angry steps felt on the floor,

is all that’s left to close the door,

and lock it

in the past.

Since I found a means to surpass,

in the shadows, I found my birth,

and with my hands and fingers,

I found worth

and the cure

to the imagine.

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