11/6 Rant
11/6 Rant feelings stories

qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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Running through my mind. Let me know what you think

11/6 Rant

Should we shame the young for being a little older?

If the world’s already cold, should we make it even colder?

Or maybe make it warmer with our presence and our love,

The thrive of understanding can change the world and heal the numb,

It’s one world, run and paraded with many minds,

We fill them up with junk and search for the innocence left inside,

With your mind, and my mind, constantly running out of time,

Trying to heal the mess inside, but also have a better life,

Than everyone else, so we look back on what they lack,

And while we slack, the enemies coming back for a mental attack,

Because there is never a one, only a pair, just to make things fair,

Trying to take from me, because someone got you, now we search for anything,

To feel everything,

And nothing,

Numbing ourselves, hoping these drugs do something,

But they’re only holding,

And closing, and choking,

As we try to feel alive, one day we’ll open our minds.

Before opening our legs.

Heal the souls of the dead,

With a rant

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