Together forever
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purposeoflife Just a girl seeking comfort in words
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A monologue of a young girl. Death and time and love.

Together forever

by purposeoflife

Hey, it's been a long time since I last saw you.

How are you? Is life there good?

Are you still a typical bad boy like those in the cliche stories? I know you love how that sounds.

I'm not the "good girl" though anymore. I've changed too much these years.

Well things change right? Even you don't want them to.

Therefore all we can do is pull ourselves together and continue our lives.

No matter how much it hurts. Just muster a smile and things will pass. There will be sunshine and rainbows and... All the beautiful things you can imagine...


No, it's not.

But do I have a choice? The time won't stop for us. The Earth won't stop spinning.

Things still go on without us. We're not important. We're insignificant.

If we have someone with us, things may get better.

But now without you by my side, I feel like suffocating.

Guilt has been eating me alive.

I can't breathe anymore. Every breath makes my chest hurts.

I cannot be fixed. I'm truly broken.

I'm so sorry.

It should have been me.

Go on. Hurt me, hit me, shout at me. Anything please! I'm scared of this silence.

Maybe I should go to find you and apologize.

So we can be together. With each other.

No more lonely days. No more silence.

Our own paradise.

I'll see you soon.

Wait for me.

This will be our own story. No other people.

Just us.

I feel so happy and light now.

I can see the light. I can see you.

I miss you.

Now we can be together. Forever.

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