Phase to phase Really? ...yes....
Phase to phase 


...yes....  school stories
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purplejournal Destiny Felinah!
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Phase to phase

Phase to phase Really? ...yes....

Trust me it can't stay there for so long. No. No.

It's all a phase. It must come It must go And remember....

It's just a phase. Living is breathing to die. Living is eating bitter to swallow sweet.... it's a phase. it must get to you...

But then you're strong. Aren't you. Don't let the pain steal your eyes.

Happiness is finding a blanket as you run into your room when it's cold outside.

Happiness is when the new music you love but can't download comes up on the radio....

Happiness is finding the book you hid in the shelve still there when you get back to the central library the next day ....

Happiness is the voice of Shawn Mendez and Khalid.

Stop searching for Mr. Happy. just create him piece by piece

It's a phase. it'll go when the lesson have been learnt. some people have to learn the hard way. ?

Don't let the pain turn to hate

It's okay to be scared. it's healthy to be sad it's okay to hide to avoid people and it's okay to help yourself .

It's Christmas and I'm still alive. and happy. . I'll smile while it lasts cause I always knew I was such a str☺ ong human

Happiness is knowing you can scream when you want to Mr happy is in the minst of all the pain and fears yes

Happiness is finally being naked. When the clothes felt like a burden through out the day. Covering the torture you feel, living no space for scratching off the itching. Naked now huh!

Do you know that when its so dark with only a dot of blue light, your shadow looks almost real. So real you could run away. Happiness is not being scared of your shadow....

Happiness is finding a companion in the dark A darker image of you that can do anything you do. You can't see its eyes. So you just assume you both feel the same way. You're not alone.

Stop! Thinking you're alone in this. You're just so unfortunate to know the person, persons feeling exactly the way you feel Cause the globe is too large for a searching soul. It's drowning......

Even drowning can look like a dramatic beautiful scene in the eyes of a certain beholder, seeing in slow motion...

I still feel void but it's Thursday 2 7 and I'm happy. and I know it's also a phase. The next tornado is coming and I know that is also a shitty phase

Soon it'll be New year And I want to be alive. Cause it's a PHASE..... A phase is not an excuse It's what it is.

A phase.... Son of time...

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