Just wanted to say hello.
Just wanted to say hello.  thinking stories

purplejournal Destiny Felinah!
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Help! new ymy new year

Just wanted to say hello.

I've been kissing my cousins and hugging my siblings, Taking pictures of my aunts My uncles ain't around. The family house is filled And it's the time of the year about family

I know I already moved to the new year some days ago. Just preparing myself in 2 0 1 9 before it becomes crowded.

This words here. All says, thank you. to The Maker and to family Family are those that stayed And those that listened. you too!

Let me say this. Yes you reading you don't know what you've done to this soul. happy new year

Dear commaful. You've been a hobby to my keyboard and a mouth to my mind happy new year commaful

Now tell me commaful do you have new year plans?

I know I want something out if the new year But my mind is such a haze to figure that out Can you help me?

YOu yes you reading why don't you help me tell me what your new year plan is...

Then I'll start drawing a map pray The Maker helps us all. so talk to me....

The new year comes with age. Ageing is Creepy. Especially when you have no story Happy new year... ♥

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