"Anica Jamie" Don't ever tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. Keep it to yourself... Never mention my name to a single soul...oh, my name was never mentioned even in the stories.
"Anica Jamie"

Don't ever tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. Keep it to yourself... Never mention my name to a single soul...oh, my name was never mentioned even in the stories.
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purplejournal Destiny Felinah!
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My written version of a curse.
"Anica Jamie"
The supplanter... šŸŒŸ

"Anica Jamie" Don't ever tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. Keep it to yourself... Never mention my name to a single soul...oh, my name was never mentioned even in the stories.

1 second marked the beginning of everything.

I ran out of our small house down to the open fields. The happy people of this village were too clandestine for the humans they were. They held tales from the darkest centuries that were written all over the walls of the fence that surrounded us. Tales as old as time, tunes as old as song...

They said it was safe in here. "Don't move an inch. At once, to the cottage. I keep warning you, never go far from the village. Never!" her sweet voice that was now tinted with tension yelled from behind me.

"But mother I want to know why," "Because out there is not safe. You've heard the stories all the old mamas tell. You've read all the writings on the walls. What else do you want?" "But I want to see for myself," "And what happens after you pay for what you saw? When you have to pay for it with your own beingness," "Mother... "

"You. Are. Too. Brave. For. Your. Own. Good. Stop this foolishness!" **

The spicy smell of soup filled the room as mother made dinner and my siblings played close to the fireplace. I swiftly moved to the back door as I shoed my feet, a smile playing on my lips as I ran out to the sunset.

Fast steps I took, pass the busy villagers and down the fields, through the path nobody followed. I stood before the wretched ancient fence, red rose by the lock.

The village head always changed the roses for a reason that was drawn on the walls of the village but we could not understand.

As my fingertips touched the locks my eyes fluttered close for 2 seconds like it was compelled to do so. I turned back looking at the valleys and dry fields, with my heart racing. But the urge to feed my curiosity was stronger than the tales I feared.

I looked back again for 3 seconds before I started breaking the miserable worn out lock; I could feel my heart beat in my dried throat, I could feel my shaking hands socked in sweat, I could feel the storms in my tommy but the most frightening of all was the picture of my mother flashing in my wildest thoughts; her warning eyes, her deep felt voice.

I saw a frog hop pass me. What was a frog doing on the dry fields? It just stood still like it was looking at me. Shoo... I said to the frog. "I'll not take too much time, I'll be home soon" I muttered to myself, maybe also to the frog.

As I ran out the fence, I felt like I had forgotten how to walk but I kept moving. Thanks to the maker it was still bright. I found my way to a beautiful scanty, swampy forest that had tall trees with long branches having no leaves. The sunset was evident above, the ground was covered in haze and reflection of the sunlight on the swamp surface.

The sounds of birds whispering, the feel of cool breeze relaxing to my worked up mind. It was beautiful. Farther, I went.

Swift... I saw a naked woman run pass me in a flash that I couldn't make of her image. My eyes now wondering...

Swift... I saw a maiden run pass me in a flash with a baby in her arms, her long dark hair covering her face.

For 4 seconds my eyes fluttered close. As I opened my eyes looking ahead I saw a blur image of a huge castle far down the forest that was now becoming thick. I heard sounds like stones falling into a lake at every 5 seconds and I halted. "Supplanter..." I heard a light throaty whisper in the air but there was no one ever seen around. The Air was now becoming brisk and cold.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, praying a silent prayer to get back home. To my shock, I thought I was running back home but my legs kept moving to the direction of the castle. Into the unknown. So I stopped; breathing heavily because I was scared of going any further, I couldn't control my direction. Mother's voice I heard in my head; the only sound of comfort.

My head felt heavy, I closed my eyes still praying. As I opened my eyes I saw a lady ahead sitting on a rock by brink of the lake with her back to me, hair falling to her waist. I screamed in shock and she turned with a jerk.

"Beautiful" I muttered. Never was there a maiden as beautiful, never had my eyes seen a mesmerising woman as fair as her. But her eyes were grey pearls... So... Enchanting.

Her skin matched the sunset. White gown hugged her like second skin. She pulled her legs out of the lake and walked to me; her gait unusual, like the ground was air to her. "Anica.." She spoke. Her voice like a whisper in the spring. She came closer.

"Me es... Anica Jamie" her voice so unreal, as light as air, so inhuman and beautiful. She placed her hands over my shoulders as her lips met mine. I tilted my head down for I was taller than her, my hands wrapping around the smalls of her waist.

For 5 seconds I kissed her, tasting the sweet savour of her lips. As I pulled out and my eyes opened, in a fast flash the little light of sunset fell to a sudden darkness. So unreal but real. Anica Jamie glowed in the darkness. The only light I saw.

True as it can be...

"Lad lay eyes on supplanter, little lad mother lay in the cold, crying, crying, crying, far in a cottage. Bounded are you to supplanter, cursed the eyes with an image of supplanter...." Her words caused me to shiver.

As Anica Jamie spoke tiny voices sang with her, voices like fragile clashing glasses, like bells ringing in your head. A beautiful trauma.

An ugly old lady with a green cape and hood covering her head walked pass me, her hunchback creepy and I moved away from her with fear the only feeling I had. They continued in unison, like they recited an anthem.

"Love as deep as a mother's only. By the red rose at the gate shall you keep in the castle covered by a glass pot, pedals falling if no hope of a maiden's love; as true as your mother's, rose shall glow like Anica Jamie.

Only then lad shall be, what he once was, and his image restored, a magic mirror glowing as the green of a warning frog; the only eyehole of seeing the outside world... "

She stood on tip toes, her shoulders high, a full display of the hour glass body she had. Well sculpted curves but treacherous.

"A bargain we made at old. Humans and supplanter separated by the Melan fence. Now you broke and with me, so I now exist no more..." She kept chanting and a tear fell from her cheeks. And I begged but she never listened...

I felt my body growing, an indescribable pain. My body bent, bones breaking and I screamed... Nails longer, eyes thicker... Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly...

And in 6 seconds Anica Jamie was like a rain of dust, colour like the sunset I once saw. Everything happened under one sunset and that, that was the last I saw as my heart grow colder by the passing of dark days.

Bittersweet and strange... This was nothing like the villagers told, the purnishment was greater than they said. The writing on the walls I could now comprehend. But 1 second made it too late...

Finding you can change, learning you were wrong...

I tell you my tale because I never got to tell the villagers what happened. It was day over there but always night here. I was left in an enchanted forest, inside the doors of a huge enchanted castle.

For who could ever learn to love a beast... ...?

6 seconds By purplejournal Destiny Felinah... ā™„

My written imagination. The curse of the beast Reimagined.

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