De Doorgang Van De Geese
De Doorgang Van De Geese mystery stories

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The passageway of the ghost. This is an adventure only the brave can dare.

De Doorgang Van De Geese

Ray found himself underground. He was surrounded by gold. There was dim light around him. The last thing he remembered was being stopped by a shady guy on the way to camp.

He asked Ray how to spell something like Durgag Geese, but he had refused to answer that partly because he didn't make out what he was trying to say and partially cause he didn't recognise him.

His uncle had warned him about not talking to suspicious people, mostly burly and tall. Then he had turned and he walked straight into a bush.

He kept tumbling and falling for what seemed like an eternity. His uncle had a best friend, Louis. They had both started a company that dug bore wells.

They had a special interest in finding de Doorgang van de Gees, but if they'll ever find it, it'll be a hard way coming out. It was after all the most complicated maze known to humankind.

Coming back to Ray had fallen into De Doorgang Van De Geest and had no energy to even stand.

Thankfully he had packed his bag for a camp and even though on his way falling down the tunnel some things from his backpack had broken and cracked, nothing was in unusable condition.

His snack bar fueled him enough to get up and explore the region in the dim light. It looked like he was in a cell surrounded by golden brick walls.

There was just about some space for him to crouch and examine a few designs there. They were in a language he had never seen before. Yet he was easily able to understand what was written.

There were instructions on how to come out of that cell. Most bricks triggered booby traps so he had to be extremely careful with the bricks he chose to touch.

If he wanted to leave that cell and return back to the surface of the earth,

he must touch the bricks in order third from left on the lowest layer and fourth on the layer above it and fifth above that one and so on.

That way, those bricks would come half out and they would act like steps.

But instead, if he wanted to explore the place, he had to turn to the opposite wall and draw an extremely difficult pattern.

the inscription went on to explain the sound each brick made when touched. He had to spell the name of this passage, "De Doorgang Van De Geest". Wait.

Isn't this that passage uncle has been looking for?

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