Why is it so hard to admit it
Why is it so hard to admit it love #broken #alone #sadness stories

purple_pineape2 Community member
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Why do I love someone who doesn’t give a damn about me.

Why is it so hard to admit it

You don’t like me. You never did.

But i was dumb enough to think you did

The way you just treat me like you treat everyone else

Or the way you never like to be around me

It’s just sad.

You know I love you

But you don’t even give a damn about me

You don’t even and say “hi” to me in the hallway

We’re even friends but now I’m questioning if we even are friends?

Friends stay together Friends help each other out Friends do everything

And you seem like you do none of those to me. And I’d assume that you knowing I love you you could at least pretend to make me feel special.

Why do I love you then? I don’t get it. Why would I like someone that doesn’t even seem like he cares.

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