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pure405evil Appreciate any feedback on my poetry ;)
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Just another poem.....

What If....

What if people took the time, to watch the setting sun

Or listen to the gentle sound, as the river waters run

What if people showed the love, they think that THEY deserve

Or hold back words they want to say, if they know it only hurts

What if people chose to give, instead of only take

Or lend a hand to those in need, when times become too great

What if people felt the pain, from those of us who've lost

Or those who've given all they have, no matter what the cost

What if people lived each day, as if it were their last

Or looked towards the future, to overcome their past

What if people walked a mile, in the shoes of someone else

Or thought about how others feel, instead of just themselves

What if people read these lines, and took each word to heart

What if......

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