Slipped Too Far Away
Slipped Too Far Away suicide stories

pure405evil Appreciate any feedback on my poetry ;)
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Yet again, another poem.......

Slipped Too Far Away

This fragile hold I have on life,

Is slipping far away

I can't escape the misery,

Which haunts me everyday

Emotions rage through bitter thoughts,

That plague my every move

Though all is veiled in constant dread,

There's no more I can do

When visions dance across my mind,

These fears start taking hold

That hate and anger are to blame,

My heart has turned to stone

I feel I'm chained to pain and sorrow,

And locked within despair

The pain I hold within this heart,

I'd never wish to share

For who could handle shattered dreams,

That long for brighter days

As the fragile hold I had on life

Has slipped too far away

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