Only In My Dreams
Only In My Dreams missing stories

pure405evil Appreciate any feedback on my poetry ;)
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I was missing my wife......

Only In My Dreams

Each night I get to hold you tight, if only in my dreams

You wrap your love around my heart, while lying next to me

To say I love you isn't enough, it's more than just these words

It goes beyond one single thought, Or anything you've heard

I watch the moonlight touch your face, as I gently kiss your cheek

I wonder if its me you see, when you're smiling in your sleep

Although this dream will surely end, and I know I'll have to wake

With all the ways you've touched my heart, Its more than I can take

So I count the days this dream comes true, and your love is here with me

But until that day I'll hold you tight........... If Only In My Dreams

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