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pure405evil Appreciate any feedback on my poetry ;)
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My thoughts on what love is

Love Is...

Love is giving all you have, to make their life complete

And never making promises, you don't intend to keep

Love is being by their side, no matter what it costs

For without them your hopes, and dreams are all but lost

Love is sometimes letting go, in hopes that they'll return

And if it wasn't meant to be, hold on to what you've learned

Love is sometimes all we have, in a world so dark and cold

And need a place to warm ourselves, with someone there to hold

Love is having everything, when you hold them in your arms

And taking every step you can, to keep them safe from harm

Love is what I learn from you, with each and every day

All of me I give to you, and that will never fade

Love is what I needed most, to heal this shattered life

And all my dreams I found in you, when you became my wife

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