a guide to forgetting
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a guide to forgetting

step one: mourn. feel the loss at full force. drown yourself in the memories, let it tear you apart. purge yourself of the emotion till you're empty of it. P.S. you'll never truly feel empty.

step two: hope. deny that you've reached the end. wait for their return, wait for them to respond to your agony. survive under the assumption that they will save you.

step three: accept. realize that what you had is not coming back. you've been abandoned, & now you're stuck caring for something that is already gone. you are not going to be saved.

step four: bitterness. convince yourself the person you've lost is not the person you loved. until you do not want them back.

step five: pretend. act as if you've moved on. all traces of them are locked away in your head, only rummaged through when you're alone. cut whatever ties remain, & don't wince. even if it hurts, don't wince.

step six: understand. acknowledge why things happened the way they did, & learn from it. soon the pretending won't be so far from the truth.

step seven: forgive. not all will reach this step. mistakes were made, & maybe it will always hurt a little. but once the past has passed you by, the only thing left to do is to let it go. because truthfully, there is no forgetting. only forgiving.

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