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Kenma X Reader

"Watch out" I hear someone yell You look up and a volleyball hits you in the face, you lose your balance and fall to the ground. You're lying on your back rubbing your forehead with your eyes closed. You open your eyes and are greeted with an unfamiliar face.

You sit up and realize you're surrounded by, the person in front of you extends his hand for you, you grab his hand and he helps you up off the ground. when you're off the ground you brush yourself off. "Are you okay?" the boy asks "Yeah, I'm fine." you say

"I tried to warn you, but I'm not too good at stuff like that." the boy says "I should have been paying better attention. I'm Y/N by the way!" You say "I'm Kenma." The boy says "Well, I've got to go, see you around." You say

"Yeah, maybe," Kenma says You walk past kenma and see two boys talking as the rest of the boys pile back into the gym. You recognize one of the boys. "Hey Kuroo! See I am going to Nekoma!" You say "Oh, hey Y/N! yeah Bokuto said you were changing schools." Kuroo

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna miss him and Akaashi the most." You say "Well, we've got to get back to practice. so see you around." Kuroo says "Yeah, see you around!" You say You walk to the office and get your schedule for tomorrow.

***Next Day*** You walk into your new class and sit down. You look around the room filled with kids, your eyes stop at kenma. You thought he would be a third year, not a second year. You get up and walk over to Kenma, when you reach him you notice his hair, you must have been hit harder than you thought

You pull up another chair, kenma hasn't noticed you yet he's glued to his phone. You sit down behind him, take a section of his hair, and braid it. "It's weird that you just started braiding my hair, you barely know me," Kenma says "I'll take my chances," you say

"Why?" Kenma asks "Because all my friends go to Fukuradani, and I need someone that I can be around like I did with Akaashi and Bokuto. I only have one friend here since I met him with Bokuto, and that would be Kuroo." You say "You know Kuroo?" Kenma asks

"Yeah! You do to I'm guessing since you two are on the same team." You say "Yeah, you could say we are best friends. Kuroo is the only person I am friends with, besides Shoyo." Kenma says

Okay, so this is probably going to be around 3 or 4 parts. sorry if I made any mistakes, I am listening to 'Glass Animals' while I typed this.

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