Kenma X Reader PT. 3
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Kenma X Reader PT. 3

"Actually, this is the middle blocker I was telling you about," Kenma said "Hi, I'm Y/N!" You say excitedly "Hi, I'm Shoyo Hinata! I play for Karasun, I'm a spiker!" Hinata says "I thought you said he was a middle blocker?" You ask kenma

"I'll let him explain," Kenma says "I am but I am also a spiker in a way, I'm a decoy for the team!" Hinata explains "Wait! Kenma, Is Y/N your girlfriend?!" Hinata asks

"No, no, no! I'm not his girlfriend! I just moved here, I used to go to Fukuradani." You say defensively "Yeah, she's not my girlfriend." Kenma says "Awww! Too bad, you two would be cute together!" Hinata whines

Someone walks up behind Hinata and firmly puts a hand on his shoulder. Hinata turns around and pulls away from the person. "Come on Hinata! Stop talking to Kenma and warm up with the rest of the team!" He tells Hinata "Kageyama! Your not the boss of me!" Hinata yells

They start fighting and so I step forward. "Stop fighting! I just met Hinata and I haven't met whoever you are, so don't make a bad impression like kenma did when I first met him!" You firmly say to the two of them "It wasn't that bad, and I asked if you were okay." Kenma says

"I got hit in the head with a volleyball, I just happened to walk by at that moment. Not the point though, stop fighting!" You firmly say "Kenma, get your girlfriend" Kageyama said "I'm not his girlfriend!" You say again

"Sorry Y/N," Hinata says backing down from their fight "Is there a problem?" Someone says walking over Kageyama and Hinata turn to the person. "No Sugawara." They both said "Okay, then come with me." Sugawara says to them

They follow Sugawara and Hinata turns for a second. "See you later Y/N!" Hinata says to you and continues to walk "See you late!" You call after them "Whatever." Kageyama huffs "I'm sorry." You say to Kenma

"For what?" Kenma asks "I shouldn't have said you made a bad impression because you didn't." You say You walk over to kenma and throw your arms over his shoulders and hug him. "It's fine." Kenma says

"No it isn't, I was mean. I wouldn't have had it any other way anyway." You whisper to him

Okay, definitely gonna be 5 parts I'm pretty sure. Have a wonderful day or night where ever you are!

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