The Border of Nothing

          The Border of Nothing art stories

psylocibe Carpe diem.
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Find and love yourself.
There is nothing more important than that.

The Border of Nothing

It stopped before it actually begun. It was like a spark, that disappeared as quickly as it came.

He felt nothing but his ego crushing under a huge pile of ignorance.

He urged to be left alone for a while.

Wish granted, worlds, suns, stars, galaxies were colliding, leaving him abandoned somewhere, somehow, someday.

He became nothing, and he loved that. He found art hidden deep in his nothingness.

He learnt how to see the place that he was stuck into, its vivid colors, as his senseless empty cage was a colorful world, which he designed on his own.

He stared at the sky, seeing a pale white color, gently saying…:

“Here I am, at the border of nothing”.

And his words were followed by silence.

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