For her...

                                                  For her...

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psychemotional I write the things I can't say.
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I don't know why I am feeling this hell lot of feelings. I am shouting within, screaming outside. This cascade of feelings causing a mayhem. See, I am laughing hilariously and crying outrageously. Is it even normal?

For her...

She is so in love Happy as a child And I am not even there Nowhere in sight

When I behave bad or sad It's her who nags me to express Say, say it, say it na She would constantly insist Would pull her sleeves to her fingers And give me the curious child gaze And I go so very red in my face

In my heart I would fear And stop myself from flooding love Coz I fear she would never accept And maybe my insides, she could hear And would say, "leave that, say something else"

And that's how it is... the unended love✍️

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