The Women In the Window
The Women In the Window

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pstyrrell I have fun when i write!😀
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The Women in The Window. Look into the window, and see.

The Women In the Window

Once, not long ago , was two best friends. These two friends and both of their mum was exploring a village in the countryside. It was a dark village. The little cosy houses creaked and groan, almost sounding like they were in pain. The houses were covered in cobwebs. The sight of the village was shivering, and almost heart-felt frightness

The two friends walked fast to check out everything they could, but one of them stopped,and took a glimpse at a window to see inside a rather dark building. Her hair was swaying side to side, the girl scrunched her face. But there is no wind, she thought.

But all she can see was a blonde hair,blue eyed women staring back at her. Her ghostly women’s stare was poisonous. Her lips curled in disgust.The girl shrieked in fright, and called her friend to look at this.But she sore nothing. ‘Please believe me’ The girl said. But her friend didn’t believe her. ‘Oh stop being such a idiot.’ The frind replies in a annoyed and raging manner.

After ten minutes they were in the car that they arrived in.The girl who sore the Women in the Window, signed in relief. Finally she’s gone, she thought. Her heartbeat calmed down, her red, sweating face stopped. Her breathing was gentle, but there was something wrong. Her hair was swaying. The girl looked at the window, but they were wined up.

Now she was staring out the car window, but all she can see is the Women in the Window staring back at her with her blue, frightening eyes. The girl paused scared. The women smirked, and whispered ‘Im going to get you.’

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