Clown's Last Gamble
Clown's Last Gamble depression stories

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A poem on the fleeting highs of adulation and self-medication

Clown's Last Gamble

Brandish that smile

I'm happy as can be

Put on my makeup

I'm the clown

All in on smiling faces

Rolling with my weighted die

Counting cards with Jack

My partner in crime

Hit me with another laugh

One more laugh, I'm out

Bluff uncalled

Heavy die unmarked

These players at life's table

Donate stacks of laughter

Jack comes through again

We're in the zone

Account as black as Jack

Quit while I'm ahead?

I'm playing with house money

To the high stakes table instead

Brandish that smile

You're happy as can be

Put on your makeup

You're a clown

Your bluffs called

Your heavy die exposed

These players in your head

Deplete your stacks of laughter

Jack's count runs dry again

You're on tilt

Down to nothing yet again

Will you make another run?

You're betting on house margin

Your borrowed time's begun

Comedy is tragedy plus time

And your time is running out

Tragedy is coming to collect

Your partner ratted out

"Hit me with another laugh," you beg

One last laugh, you're out.

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