Stay With Me
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psai_glimmer123 Foggy mornings and shady nights :)
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A fictitious story about a dog and his owner

Stay With Me

I picked him, no, actually he picked me that day, on my visit to the nearest pet store. His eyes were dreamy, his coat, golden silky. Not a single flaw to be found, so loving and handsome.

Been two days in this world, he chose me to stay by him for the rest of his life. One single lick and I was completely coated in his love and affection.

I wondered what did I do to get this beauty in my life. I considered myself lucky for I got a company worth dying for.

I needed no alarm, for Roby ( his name ) was in charge of waking me up. Every morning, we'd go for a jog, sit in the garden for sometime and get back home.

It was a daily ritual for us and how dare either of us broke it! Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. My study schedule became hectic, I started getting restless.

Had no idea where to release that stress, unwillingly ended up bursting out on Roby. Hadn't he had enough love for me, he'd have given me a nice bite and a trip to hospital.

But there he was, listening to every curse, every shout of mine. I wish I had control over myself, for I'd never have done that in my whole lifetime.

Year by year, I was growing older. But so was Roby. I never realized how fast time passed by, for it was his company that kept me going. He brought the best out of me, made me more human.

One day, we promised to each other that we'll stay together forever, no matter what happens. But who knew, fate went the other way, took another turn.

It was one fine Sunday morning, a nice warm sunlight falling on my eyes, forcing me to get up from my bed.

I wondered why Roby didn't wake me up, for it was always his face I saw the very first in the morning.

I looked for him everywhere, and at last found him near the doormat, breathing heavily and choking on his own breath. There was terror in my eyes and tears in his.

But I guess it was his love that made me stronger to face the worst in life. That was the day we spent together, for it was the last day for Roby, we knew it.

There were no vet appointments, no medications, just Roby and me. That night, I cuddled up with him, soaking him with tears of mine, wishing I could change things.

I kissed him one last time, as if it was a goodbye kiss, and he licked my face clean of tears, as if asking me to stop crying. I held him close all night.

It was the best and the worst moment of my life.

Every year, I'd celebrate our anniversary, run up to his grave and sit there for long, recalling every sweet and bitter moments spent with him. For all I wished was for him to REST IN PEACE.

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