Pleasure Trip
Pleasure Trip rain stories

psai_glimmer123 Foggy mornings and shady nights :)
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A narrative story of a water drop. The drop talks about its journey from the land to the sky and then, back to the very same land.

Pleasure Trip

Resting in a pond, with planktons and weeds, I wait for the sun to come for me.

I wish to rise above and meet the sky, to feel the breeze and chill of the clouds.

Then came a sunny day, when I bid my goodbyes to my mates and started on a journey, a journey towards the sky.

I drifted by, slow and steady, talking to the clouds and wind on the way.

Times there were, when I got tired and felt like giving up, but it was the longing of mine; to reach the sun, that kept me going.

Now I'm feeling cold, shivering all my way to the top.

My body is now turning hard, moulding me into a tiny drop.

Soon came my fellow mates, crowding all around me, searching for warmth and company.

Day by day, our circle grew big and strong, for here we were; countless drops.

We grew heavy with time, struggled hard holding ourselves together.

There were fights and arguments every day, hustle everywhere.

I missed my pond buddies, who cared for me and nurtured me.

I missed the weeds, who tickled me and made me laugh.

I missed the planktons, who swam in me and narrated their journey to me.

Soon came the day, when I got free from the pain.

We dispersed our circle, fell from the sky

And reached different places, places too far.

I fell into a lake, a lake full of algae and frogs.

Yet I was happy, for I was back on the ground.

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