Nightfall Reflections
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psai_glimmer123 Foggy mornings and shady nights :)
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Random musings, thoughts popping up in mind every now and then.

Nightfall Reflections

"Hey, let's stay friends, isn't it a good idea?"

Yes, those words came out of my mouth. How easy it was for me to spit these stupid words.

But later on, I realized my cowardly behavior, how I tried to preserve my pride by degrading a girl's feelings, who confessed to me not once but twice.

I wonder if it was my ego which prevented me from saying a "yes" to her, because now I come to realize how much I like her.

8 months have passed, since this girl came into my life, yet things are still the same, the awkwardness in the air and the same hesitant behavior towards each other.

Never met in person nor talked over video call, days have passed only over voice calls and texts. Be it arguments or daily chit-chat, it was our daily ritual. But now things aren't the same.

Nowadays, I check her last seen each time I go online, keep an eye on her profile pics and status, try to find an excuse to text her.

It feels like she's trying to push me away from her life forever, but something is still forcing her to hold this string loose in her hands.

"Guys try to stay friends when they still have feelings but girls stay friends when they don't have feelings anymore."

Maybe she doesn't feel for me anymore, maybe I ruined everything between us.

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