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psai_glimmer123 Foggy mornings and shady nights :)
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A poem on MUSIC


Something cherished by all, loved by all.

Be it Rock, Pop, Jazz, Trap, Indie, Soul, R&B or EDM, every genre has got its own fandom.

Mornings starting with music, nights ending with music.

Earphones, headphones, ear pods, Bluetooth speakers all around the house,

Giving us all kinds of bass experience and noise cancellation.

Be it online or offline, music soothes our ears,

Spotify, Wynk, Saavn quenching our thirst for music.

Can't imagine a day without music, can't start a morning without our favorite track,

Playlists for each and every occasion, each and every mood.

Our best friend in this pandemic, in this social and emotional distancing situation,

Where music gives us a company, a branch to hold on to.

Not to forget the artists who give us wonderful tracks back to back,

Some raising social issues, some supporting weak and helpless,

And some fighting for the rights of people.

Just like a sword to the fighter, a pen to the writer

It is music to the singer and the dancer.

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