Impractical Expectations
Impractical Expectations sad bday stories

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Some thoughts and feelings of mine

Impractical Expectations

I texted you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" at 00:00, let go of my ego and tried to start a new conversation after 2 months of no contact.

I didn't care what you might think of me, spineless or desperate; all I tried was to wish you first on your birthday, make my wishes memorable to you.

Since then we again returned to our talking terms, started chatting like we used to. I was very happy for I still had you around me, I still had you when I wanted to talk or express my emotions.

I felt everything was again back to normal. I wished you'd wish me on my birthday the same way I did.

I wished for you to call me or text me at 00:00 and talk to me with that soothing voice of yours.

I know that we've never met each other in person even though we live in cities close by.

But I expected you to surprise me on my birthday, come and meet me, make me happy just by showing me your face, not in a picture but in real.

But how stupid I was! I kept expecting things that were never meant to happen. I wished stuff that was impractical and illogical.

How could I think of you still having feelings for me, when you were comfortable without talking to me for 2 months straight!

You called me your friend, yet you didn't call this friend of yours on her birthday? I guess you have a different definition for friendship.

You did wish me at 00:09, when you saw me online. You simply wrote those two words "happy birthday" and went offline. You didn't even bother to ask me about my plans, my party destination etc..

You didn't even wait for my reply. Why did you behave that way? What wrong did I do for you are acting so distant and heartless towards me?

I wish I could talk to you in person, ask you these silly questions and ease the pain in my heart.

I tried to take a step towards you and expected you to do the same, but I guess I was expecting a little too much.

I over analysed your texts and misinterpreted your so-called "friendly behaviour".

Now I know that I should never expect anything from anyone, no matter how close they are, I shouldn't give anyone the right to hurt me and make me cry.

I guess this was your gift for me on my birthday. You changed me into a girl who'd never dare to trust anyone again or expect anything from anyone. Guess I should thank you for this beautiful and memorable gift.

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