Gullible Beauty
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A butterfly talking to the readers.

Gullible Beauty

People adore me, for my beauty,

Wonder upon the shades of colors I am found in.

They love the way I flutter past them, jump from one flower to another,

It feels I'm the only one in this world, this beautiful and amazing.

Kids chase me all the way in the fields, try to grab me,

But I'm so fast, so quick; never giving them a chance to hold me.

Everyone is jealous of me, they envy me,

Cause I'm one of my kind, no one can stand equal with me.

But soon came a day, an unfortunate one,

When I was fluttering low on the ground, adoring myself.

Had no idea where I actually was, didn't bother to inspect the surroundings,

For I was strangling myself in a spider web; the gateway to my death.

By the time I realized, it was too late,

For I saw my death in front of my eyes.

There was greed and hunger in its eyes,

And so was fear and anticipation in mine.

I struggled hard to get myself out, wished for the time to stop,

But I guess I wasn't the fastest creature in this world.

Cause my death was rushing towards me with the speed of light, laughing at my foolishness,

I cried and begged, asked to let me go.

But it was nature's law, for one was to eat and other was to get eaten,

Survival of the fittest, it was called.

I watched the spider, eating me up, one part after the other.

I was crying in pain, wishing for an easy death,

For it was horrible to watch myself getting eaten up alive.

Those last moments showed me my whole life.

Just a few moments ago, I was free and fine, living a wonderful life, and now I was dying.

I called myself HOPELESS BEAUTY, for this death was welcomed by ME.

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