You gave me your heart pt5
You gave me your heart pt5 romance stories

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I long for mother or for jack, to make me smile, to be there for me

You gave me your heart pt5

diary entry 12

I long for mother, for her to make me smile, to be there for me but I can't see her. I also long for jack and I have to wait until next week cause. He has a football game tomorrow because he plays for some special league, I have decided to surprise him and sit in the audience.

I need to plan my outfit for tomorrow so i have decided to go for a black bodycon dress that goes just above my knees, it has spaghetti straps and a square neckline. cute and sporty.

to be honest i am very bored and so i think about what my mum would do. she would probably go to starbucks so that is what i decide to do, i walk to Starbucks which is like a 15 minute walk away.

*inside Starbucks*

i have just ordered my caramel Frappuccino and i sit at a table, next to the window. i have my laptop with me and decided to scroll through Pinterest, emails etc. i have applied for a job to be an assistant teacher at st Michaels primary school and i see an email from the headteacher.


I have looked at your cv, qualifications etc. and would like to give you the job at st michaels primary school, you will be there for a week to see how the school works, and see the staff. You will be in school starting next week Monday but you will start your job officially 2 weeks from now kind regards, Julie Smith, headteacher

I nearly scream after reading the email but instead i smile as i realise that i am inside starbucks and not at home alone.

I look up and see green eyes staring at me, they remind me of mums eyes. He smiles at me and i blush. this guy is cuttttee but i quickly think of jack. i look back down. 'hey' i look up and see the man smiling at me. 'hi' i say His hair is defined and his skin is the colour of caramel, omgosh why is this happening to me.

'my name is lucas' 'mine is chloe' 'you look really happy about something' 'yeah, i just got a job' 'that's great, where did you get a job' 'st michaels primary' 'omdays i work there as a year 4 teacher' 'maybe you will help me around'

We had a long conversation about st michaels. He didn't seem too professional but friendly, i really want to get to know him. he invited me to a party a week after school starts where staff have fun before school starts again. i am so excited but nervous, what if they don't like me or something. there might not even be anyone my age. i feel so overwhelmed

diary entry 13

I am gonna leave the house in like 10 minutes to go to the game. i am dressed and all i need to do i put some my black vans on as well as mascara, lip gloss and gel my hair into a low ponytail. I look at myself in the mirror and hope i look good enough to impress jack and mum, wherever she is. i leave the house and walk towards the pitch.

So many people are there with banners and everything. There is a corner shop nearby so i decide to by myself a bottle of coke. its about 45 minutes later and jack has just scored a goal.My heart pumps so hard in my chest, i am so proud. I scream and jump up and down, just like nearly everyone around me. i sit back down then a noise goes of indicating half time.

I go to the front of the seating area and shout jacks name 'JACK' he looks at me and a big smile spreads across his face. he waves and shouts 'meet me in front of the school.'

The pitch is behind a school and you go around a corner to lead you to the front. i go down the stairs and stand near the door. A couple of minutes pass and he walks up to me. I am smiling so wide my face hurts.

jack;'hey, why are you here' me;'i wanted to see you' jack;'awww,how sweet' he says sarcasticly I roll my eyes and he winks. This guy is pathetic me;'you did well' jack;'thanks'

He looks at my lips and leans in, he kisses me softly. I kiss him back and his hands move to my waist, I run my fingers through his curly hair and he kisses me again. i pull away and open my eyes.

'i think you need to go back to the pitch' 'your right, see you after the match, yeah' 'yeah' he kisses me on the cheek and runs back to the pitch. i walk slowly to my seat with a big smile across my face.

diary entry 14

It is after the match and jacks team won. obviously. i wait for him outside the changing room, he walks out and wraps his hand around me waist as we walk side by side, pulling me closer to him.

'who won, me. who is the best, me' he sings 'who is annoying, you' I sing back at him and laugh, he wipes away a fake tear whilst smiling.

me;'guess what' jack;'what' me'I got a job' jack''omdays, where?!' me;'st michaels primary' jack;'omgosh, my girl got a job' jack;'come i am taking you out to eat' me;'what the heck' i laugh jack;'we need to celebrateeeee' he says in the most girly voice i have ever heard me;'omgosh your crazy'

We go into nandos and i suddenly have a really vivid and mum were going to nandos for my 13th birthday,we ate after going to flip out and i was one of the best days of my life. she seemed so happy and i clearly remember the way her eyes lit up.

I sit down with jack and his friends at a table, they caught up with us and i really just wanted me and jack to be together. but no. I feel very uncomfortable.

'ay, are you jacks ting' 'ay, jack she is peng' 'yes fam, get in' jack laughs but seems slightly uncomfortable when he lays eyes on me. i feel like i am blushing so I pretend that i can't hear and read the menu. i want peri peri chips and some good chicken, i feel like my mouth is watering.

They carry on with there comments and i have had enough. 'who do you think you are? that's seems to shut them up. 'Can y'all stop saying ting as if i am some object and shut tf up.' 'jack, can we get something to eat because i am starving'

'Sure' jack says, staring at me as if he is shook. He stands up and whispers in my ear 'sassy' 'by the way, this is mike, luke and sam' 'k' 'what do y'all want?' says jack 'peri peri chips and some good chicken' i say

they all look at me and nod 'yeah lets just get what she said' When jack walks away to order our food, me and his 3 friends are left together, there is an uncomfortable silence between us. 'ay, i am sorry if i was being mean' 'same' the other 2 chorus 'its all good'

sam:'i don't know why you like the guy though, he can be very disgusting, he farts a lot' I laugh and they laugh to me;'i didn't say that i like him' mike:'you can tell though' me:'did you know that he loves high school musical' luke:'he likes high school musical, this guy is weird af' we all start laughing again, i sort of like these guys.

Jack comes back again and we look at him, then at each other then back at him again. We burst out laughing and he looks so confused. we all finished eating and i go back to jacks house. mike, sam and luke go home.

we walking into the kitchen and jack says 'why you were you laughing with them when i came back' 'oh' i bite my lip so that i don't burst out laughing 'what was it about' 'nothing' i smile and turn around. 'come on tell me' he says whilst turning me around

'fine, fine we were talking about how you fart alot and how you love high school musical' i laugh so hard i start crying 'what, i told you not to tell' he pouts and frowns like a 5 year old i laugh and rub his back 'do you want me to kiss you so you feel better' i wink

he nods so I kiss him on the cheek and you can tell he is annoyed. jack;'i ment on the lips' me;'no,we are not even together, i can't just be kissing you 24/7' jack;'i have a question' jack;'are you my girlfriend' me;'well you haven't even asked but do you want me to be' i grin, my heart is pounding so fast.

jack;'yes' me;'well you need to do something about it then' i say as confidently as i can facing away from him pretending to get something to drink jack;'do you want to be my girlfriend' his voice quivers and that makes me feel special, i can't believe that he is nervous. I turn around. me;'yes, i do'

He comes closer and twirls me around, pulls we towards him and he kisses me slowly on the lips as he pulls my up so that my legs swing onto his hips. He whispers into my ear jack;'can you stay over tonight' making me shiver. me;'yeah'

diary entry 15

It is late evening and jack gave me one of his shirts as I have nothing to change into.We lie in bed together cuddling. he is perfect.

'jack, what do you do when you miss your mum' i say 'i pretend that she is doing everything with me, even though she isn't there. 'are you ok' he pulls me closer to him and strokes my hair, comforting me

jack;'i really like you' me;'i really like you too' me;'i met a guy today that works in st michaels and he is so cute' he tenses at the word cute, i like it though and then feel guilty. jack;'is he nice' me;'yeah' jack;'then he needs to burn' me;'stop' i laugh, i love that he is jealous.

me;'his name is luke and he has green eyes and mixed skin and black curly hair' jack;'for f sake' me;'it's ok, don't be insecure' i smile jack;'whatever' he smirks me;'anyway i am starting work tomorrow from 9;00 to 3;10 so i need sleep' jack;'alright, night' me;'night'

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