You gave me your heart pt4
You gave me your heart pt4 romance stories
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You gave me your heart pt4

diary entry 8

My mindset has been horrible lately, I have been trying to do things to forget about mum instead of for my own enjoyment so instead i decided to go for a walk just for the fun of it.

I step outside and breathe in a deep breath of cold,crisp air and walk through a tall black gate.I take a long walk down a narrow pathway and look at the trees and hear the birds chirping in the distance. the trees have golden halos for leaves and the sky has fluffy pieces of cotton for clouds. I have been walking for an hour now so I decide to

buy myself a warm cup of coffee and sit on a nearby bench. I listen to leaves rustling and people having quiet conversations. I find a hidden space and I walk up to it. I smile, I have just found my place to grieve. There are bushes covering the hollow space and logs from fallen trees inside. There are twigs and autumn leaves scattered about. I love this place.

diary entry 9

jack:'do you want pizza' me:'yeah' jack:'veggie supreme?' me:'you already knoww' I am at jacks again and he has ordered pizza just how I like it. he already knows my favourite pizza. We are watching high school musical 2 for the second time this week and it is kind of getting annoying.

jack: 'what time is it summer time, its a vacation' jack is singing and he sounds like a cat dying. me:'stopppp. you are slowly killing me' jack:'you just cant take my greatness' me:'mmmhmm' *ding dong*

jack:'oooh pizza is here' Me and jack race each other to the door. jack wins. he answers the door and the smell of pizza fills the hallway, we sit on the sofa, open the box and eat. me:'yess this is sooo good' jack:'now this is what you call good food'

We finished eating the pizza and watching high school musical. I am now about to go home cause it is getting late jack: 'do you really have to go' me:'i dont have to but yeah' He hugs me and I leave his house, cross the road and take a bus home, I think about how grateful I am to have him as a friend.

diary entry 10

*texting jack* me: help, I really need someone right now jack: what happened me: I just feel really upset jack: don't worry I am coming

In 10 minutes he is here, he opens the door and sees me sitting on the sofa, tears streaming down my face. I don't know what happened to me, I started to think about the things I didn't have time to tell her and how alone I feel without her.

He starts stroking my hair and wiping my tears away. Once I stop quivering and tears stop rolling down my cheeks and my breath becomes steady. I say 'thank you..but...why would you do all of this for me'

He doesn't say anything but he just smiles, then he cups one side of my head in his hand, pulls me in and kisses me, i feel like honey has been poured throughout my body.

He pulls away and we look at each other for a long time, we lie down on the sofa side by side in silence, comfortable silence.

'are you ok' he asks after a couple of minutes in his soft deep voice. I nod and I move my head onto his chest He stays overnight and we fall asleep on the sofa, I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

diary entry 11

I wake up and realise that jack isn't next me, I panic a little so I walk into the kitchen I see him and walk quietly behind him he turns around and quickly lifts me up, I shriek, he carries me like a baby and runs around the living room. he is laughing, he looks so cute when he laughs. then he puts me down and asks,

'want some cereal' i say yes and watch him carefully. My mum would do the same when i was little. I would sit at the table and watch her make my breakfast this time I don't cry or frown but i smile. Maybe jack will make my life a lot better.

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