Because I still love you...
Because I still love you... love stories
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prritvishal Community member
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My first poem for my crush, Just a lame try to express myself

Because I still love you...

I still love you.. But I can't touch you cuz my hands painted with blood of my dreams.. But I'm sorry I couldn't afford you that ice-cream.. I still love you.. But I can't hug you cuz my shirt is wet with my sweat.. But I tried my best to get you that dress I bet..

I still love you.. But I can't kiss you cuz my lips are torn.. Cuz sometimes I'm afraid and cuss myself that why I was born.. I still love you.. But I can't show it cuz inside I'm dead.. Cuz I'm fear I might not able be able to provide you proper food, shelter or even a bed..

I still love you.. I know you don't know it.. That's the biggest shit of my life.. Cuz I might not be able to make you my wife.. I still love you.. Ever after knowing that I'm worthless.. I don't have home, cash or face.. I don't even know how I'll survive.. No trace..

But I still love you.. Because I believe that one day.. One day..I'll make you say.. That I loved you from core of my heart.. Hiding all those pain..from those poison dart.. From all those fake people with face of crab..

Neglecting all those pain and their painful grab.. Pushing myself towards you, tearing myself apart.. From that very point till where you reached but decided to part.. Even after knowing that I will fail.. I won't reach the shore by just grabbing a fish tail..

I just want to see that precious pearl.. Your brown hair and it's curl.. Your smile and your face.. My only have of survival in this fine piece of mess.. I am running short on words time & life.. I regret only one thing that I couldn't made you my wife.. Cuz i still love you..

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