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Complicated love...

For Her

Let me explain something real quick It might be messy but I’m writing a list of all the girls that I kissed

steph, you suck so much fucking dick you’re addicted to it like a mouth full of dip

Paige you’re a prick end of story

Amra, you’re cute but not my type

Rylee, the sex didn’t live up to the hype

Carly prolly had aids, praise the lord I didn’t pipe Blah, blah blah the list goes on

Haylee, you’re breath smells like prawn Call me a dick I don’t fucking care

My heart doesn’t have much love to spare The only girls I have on my brain Are my family and Caitlin Jane

It’s funny how the one who hurt me most is the one I love the most That’s the saying I suppose “You hurt the ones you love the most”

That’s due to the fact that you give them you’re heart Will they keep it intact or rip it apart?

The whole situation is rather confusing I’m trying to decide if I loved her unconditionally or if her love was abusing and if I left subliminally for me...for my own mental health or was it to put a hard past on the shelf

Was I running away from the pain in my brain??

Was I weak to let her go? Was my love for her truly unconditional??

It can’t really be if I left her, see That’s the irony But it’s best for ME

Was it best for her too? I don’t really know.... I wasn’t good to her all the way through.. if only I knew How much pain I caused in her heart too...

Did I cause pain?? Or was her cheating on me an indication so plain To see that her heart doesn’t love me

But she does love me. And I do too,’s true

Because despite the past she’s all I think about, with alcohol flowing in my blood so fast, the thought makes me pout. Depressed, alone Because my body wants her back but my heart says no.

Maybe it’s my heart saying yes and my body no. Saying yes

every time I check her playlist Is this song about me?? Is she thinking of me while listening??

Her smile, her laugh, her tattoos her past, her pain, her ambitions her hopes, her dreams, those beautiful dreams she’d have about me. Her career she worked so hard for.

Her innocence that still exists when she holds her rat between her wrists - that charm bracelet that dangles and twists - the most beautiful girl that my heart fucking missed

A past so dark we’ll call it night... a potential that was so fucking bright

I miss her, I love her, I hate her, I want her, I need her, I crave her, I saved her, I broke her. I promised I’d stay... I left her

I fucking miss her eyes. The glow they had when they looked at me..... Maybe they do that for everybody

I left, you move on

The reason it hurts me that you move on so quickly and give away your body without a trace of modesty is because it takes away the value I felt when you undid your belt, took off your clothes and gave me your body completely exposed.

When you give that part of you to others so easily I realize it wasn’t for me specifically Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t make you a slut....I know I called you that when you cheated on me

Loving sex isn’t the crime

It’s just that I thought your body wanted to be only mine

That’s what it comes down to, I love you, I miss you, I forgive you.

I’m Sorry, I hate me, forgive me Unconditionally

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