Fuck Men By Provoked_mind
Fuck Men 


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provoked_mind Poetry makes me happy and helps me cope
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Offending and pure

Fuck Men By Provoked_mind

As I touched your tainted lips in my dream, I remembered the smell of iron. Cold and stained I waited for your testimony. As I linger in a dark I suddenly get the urge to pick up the knife.

It is not my secret that is my weakness,  I believe that true love can cause you pain. Maybe that's why I realized that betrayal knows my name. You did not leave my side, Then why is it you are my, Judas.

Why can't you tame the same demons I've fought? I do not hold the answer. But within my question there is an invitation to a fairytale. Listen closely my dear, cause these will be my last words. I become, and forever I will stay in silence. Only because I love you and do not fear your lies.

Did you stray I ask myself. But then I remember again. I've always been the only one inhaling flames

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