Don't Scare Me Papa
Don't Scare Me Papa based on a real life event stories

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A poem about the famous Axe murderer that terrorized New Orleans in 1918-1919

Don't Scare Me Papa

Please don't scare me papa, i am but a humble man. Why my end had to be an axe, i don't understand. A decent life and a beautiful wife, never lived in dread.Until you papa came that night and slaughtered us in bed.

Please don't scare me papa, me or my mistress too.Wound up with a hatchet to the temple, and it is all thanks to you.Later on my mistress thought that i was you.Though i may have been a bit odd dear papa, i wouldn't be such a fool.

Please don't scare me papa, i ain't got no grief with you.Just a pregnant woman you tried to slay, but you failed to do.

Oh please don't scare us papa, New Orleans is wide awake.That night you wanted Jazz to play, is that what it will take?Well then that dreary night, no one will be in their beds.So swing to the music dear papa, instead of swinging heads.

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