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I'm not in love right now, but that's not going to stop me from writing about crushes!


by prokatstination

Hi there!

I know you don't know me

And I don't know you


But I'm dreaming of you.

Not in that creepy way, where I'm dreaming of cutting your head off with an axe or anything,

I'm just dreaming

of when we meet.

I know you probably won't notice me

I mean, you'll see me, but you won't notice. You won't notice that I have tears in my eyes or the scars on my wrists.

Ah! Looks like I got off track.


I'm dreaming of when we meet.

There'll be fireworks and tears of joy. Maybe we'll even make two hearts one. (Although I'd settle for yours being close to mine.)

And we'll laugh.

Because it'll be like coming home on a rainy day.

Every day is a rainy day.

And I'm getting wet.

It's a little cold.

Alright, a lot cold. But don't worry about me! You won't even notice the shivers and tears.

Because of the rain.

I mentioned it was a rainy day, right?

So, we'll meet on a rainy day, and you'll say,

"Kitty Kat, I -"

I just hope you say the last part before I drown.

The rain is filling me up and now it's leaking out.

A little more each day.

Rain's salty, right?

It'll be a rainy day when we meet,

but then the sun will come out with your smile.

It'll be so warm.

Or, at least, a little warm. But don't worry about me! You won't even notice the tears or the rain or the shivers or the scars.


I'm dreaming of when we meet. It'll be during a hurricane, but you won't care.

No one cares

When you have a crush while being crushed.

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