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prokatstinationI guess I'm pretty cool.
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I hate my memory.


by prokatstination

I never much liked my memory

It's far too good.

Subtle quips and quick snapbacks

I remember them all.

I'm haunted.

I can never forget them, I can never remember them right, but the ghosts fly


So when people ask me,

"How are you haunted? Where do the ghosts live?"

I point to my mind

And they think the ghosts fly around the skull

When in reality?

They linger inside the dark, where no one can see.

They grow

Until the memories are enshrouded in a haze of mistrust.

Because the funny thing about ghosts?

They don't exactly tell what they think.

They just haunt.

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sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
this is a really interesting perspective. i have a pretty bad memory and always wanted a better one. interesting to see the flip side of that