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prokatstination I guess I'm pretty cool.
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This is a monologue about my life.


by prokatstination

There's a question of what's the truth, and what's not.

I guess for some people that's an easier question.

The parameters are clearly marked in neon orange,

and they're able to see where each word lands on the runway.

For me though,

not so much.

How do you find the difference between fact and false when all you can see is the haze before you, created by those you love and trust the most?

How can I find whether I'm trash, a worthless parasite

an only-like-like-to-cause-pain type of girl

when all the evidence has been stacked by one person?

The person I was supposed to trust above all.

He said to me over and over and over again.

It has to be true. It has to be.

He wouldn't lie to me.

Dad wouldn't lie to me.

So I guess there's only one question left -

when's the right time?

I'm broken.

I'm better off dead.

I always liked taking baths.

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