A Fool For Love
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All of the things I wish we could have done

A Fool For Love

Its a Wednesday night

And i might

Decide to do something stupid tonight

I already got drunk but im sober now

Maybe the longest ive been sober now

I think of you

Every day of every night

I think of you

I though we had something

But that something turned out to be something with every other guy

I dont know

Maybe im wrong

Maybe everything I imaging is just something of that

A figment of my imagination

Im just saying

that something

that I thought

Something that I wanted

Something that has haunted me.

Something that we had is something that is nothing

And its just your personality that I miscommunicated

I know its not anything to be sad about

I just want an excuse to cry about.. it

You stop talking to me

And start talking to my friend that just as desperate as me

I just want something to cry about

And its raining out and about

Its a beautiful night

A nightime to cry and a nightime to maybe lie

About all the thing we never did

All of the things I wish we could have did

All of the thing a couple would have done

And maybe we could have done. Those. Things.

Im not getting mad at you

If anything im getting mad at me

I could be enraged but here I sit among the rest

The rest of the cowardly boys

Who instead of doing something

I do nothing and just hope that

Something or somebody will reach out to me

And that somebody will give me the life I dreamed about

The life that I dreamed Id have with you.

I know Im a fool

For having these feelings

But I cannot stop

Loving you

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