The real truth about waking up early
The real truth about waking up early no-offence-to-early-risers stories

priyanshi O Captain! My Captain!
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The real truth about waking up early

by priyanshi

The sunlight does not peep through the curtains

It attacks you right in your face like a punch

No you won't FLUTTER your eves open

you will rub them, squint them and want to scoop them out but you won't FLUTTER them open for god's sake!

Your mom will come to know about your consciousness

and once she does there is no going back to your deep slumber

You are going to sleep talk

and it will be a hell lot like when you are drunk, you won't remember a word

You will have a hunger outburst

Doughnut? doughnut.

Hell-o to waking up early

it is a living hell and you are going to experience it more than once

It is not like movies

and a hell lot like reality

Here's a picture of a cow


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