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The Void

by forestlily

I often wonder how society is the one that provokes a soul to take turns in each of the baby-steps of life.

Doesn't matter if it's for the heights that might reach the sky or the ocean that often drowns the light at its depth.

I often wonder, how people blame it on each other instead of looking into one's soul. As they know, the evil we cannot see resides inside us.

Then why are we running mile after miles to get rid of it? When it never really leave our shadows, let alone us.

And the poison, deep inside each of us, burns our soul to the core and still we pretend to be okay.

Are we really?

The answer may get lost going round and round inside our head like we never really treated us like kings or queens and now when death is nearing with each surpassing moments...we are complaining.

Who are we? Who has caused our misfortune? Who turned us into dirty corpses?

Those answers may get lost into the void...for the eternity.

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