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Love and its varieties!

I Love

It feels entirely wrong...

When I consider this inevitable that I have to love someone else in the future...

It will be difficult and entirely different than the love I feel for you

I don't think I can manage so, the thing is, I am not strong enough to survive another breakdown!

I know you can never break my heart...

However, there is no certainty that the other person will not break my heart

Over and over again!

I feel like crying and feel so broken to even consider the thought of someone else in my life!

I don't think I could mend my broken pieces one more time!

Whenever I fall, you come to my aid, and now that there would be someone else , I fear that I will get to see you ever again.

It feels entirely wrong to love someone else when I love only you.

And I know, you do to!

But is it too difficult to be near you?

I think it is!

But I cannot less love you.

Because I love you.

And someone else cannot erase the love between me and you.

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