Drowning Mermaid
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Drowning Mermaid

by forestlily

And then I was drowning.

I felt the world was zoning in and slowly the chaos was subsiding.I felt my heavy eyelids closing, desperate to absorb the happening.

No matter how much I was trying to keep track of my surrounding,I was failing.

The tiniest vibration of sound turned into that suffocating silence,I was too eager to meet.

As it might take me to another,a new one,a better life,I was too relieved to sense my limbs fell limp and water gushing into the hollow of my inside, filling it with excruciating bliss.

I felt heavenly as the memories of intoxicating past came crashing down, jerking me, scratching me, pushing me towards the much awaited occurrence

and I facetiously embraced the cold feeling while having the only disturbing thought playing over and over on my mind,

"Evanescent beauty was I, since I wept that night."

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