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by forestlily

I never wanted your light.

It is your darkness that makes me feel home.

I can have you all to myself when you're in your darkest of secrets.

And I hope you won't make me wait for too long as the day when you'll finally be free to reveal your heart, the day I might have given up on us.

Because I loved you when you were too down to even think you can be loved.

And I will always be there by your side when you will need someone to listen to your rants.

I want to hold you still you stop crying and when you'll say 'I'm okay', I'll hug you so tight and let you know that 'I know you're not'.

I'll make you believe that we can fight it back together.

And when you'll be afraid of your own words I'll let you know I can hear all your unsaid words.

Because I'll never stop loving you from the core of my heart.

Because...'You' is the only love I'll ever envisage.

p.s. I love you.

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