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[pt 1 of Bleu]

Morning | Bleu

"Ugh..." the skylight's sun rays glared down at me as I laid down in my small large bedroom. I stretched my arms and legs, gently hitting my hands against the headboard of the bed.

Slowly I sat up, looking around the room, it contained large and small pillows in the corners of the room, a large faux rug that covered the whole room floor, and stuffed animals laying about.

I swung my feet over the side of the room and stood up slowly reaching full height, stretching my hands up to the ceiling.

The apartment was rather large, placed on a more silent part of the city.

I picked up a medium sized pillow and held it close, as I walked out of my room, into the kitchen of my apartment.

I sat in a chair next to the kitchen window and looked out the window, a beautiful view it was... the whole skyline of New York City... I lived on the 23rd floor of a tall building.

I stood up and walked to the other side or the kitchen/ dining room area, I opened the fridge and looked inside, " empty...." I sighed loudly as I knew what this meant, I had to go outside...

I walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway, trailing my hands against the white walls, decorated with my own masterpieces.

I stopped the last door and opened it to see my cat clawing at a chest full of hats I chuckled, " may..." I opened the chest, and my cat jumped inside.

I smiled to myself and looked at a rack of clothes, I picked out a blue silk dress shirt and white jeans.

I walked to the other side of the room and took out a smaller matching blue shirt for my cat.

I looked around, " may~!," I looked back at the chest and picked my cat out of the chest, placing the blue shirt on it. The cat chewed at the shirt, smiling once more.

I stepped out of the room holding my cat in one arm. I took a pair of white flats near the door and placed them on, they seemed brand new... like most of my clothes, which I have a ton of.

May meowed at the bag of treats, I placed her down on the ground and opened the bag giving her a treat. She happily ate the treat, once finished, I picked her(may) up and opened the door.

Closing, and locking it behind me after

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