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You can run but you can never hide.


There are people running.

They go up and down the street.

They're being chased by scary people.

The people are slow and loud.

Most of them are covered in wounds.

They are the undead.

They never tire, that is, the undead.

People still alive are constantly running.

Some try to hide their wounds.

Bodies cover the street.

People try not to be loud.

The undead are not classified as people.

They are an entity created by people.

A lab experiment went wrong, so created were the undead.

At first they were silent but now they are loud.

You might be able to escape by running.

You could try to weave in and out of the street.

Just make sure you don’t acquire any wounds.

The infection started from wounds.

The CDC had fought these people.

It broke out in the streets.

The pathogens on their skin mixed and created the undead.

So now the CDC is running.

And the undead continue to grow loud.

You hide in a car as they continue to get loud.

Frantically you check yourself for wounds.

Soon you are back to running, always running.

You try to find your people.

Only to find bodies lying in the street of the undead.

You see no living being in the street.

You catch movement in the street.

The closer you get, the more they get loud.

You see an unmoving body and search for wounds.

There are none so you take the gear and look for more people.

You hear the undead and begin running.

You weave in and out of the street.

You barely miss the undead.

It looks like you were being too loud.

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