It's Funny, Isn't it?
It's Funny, Isn't it? stories
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It's Funny, Isn't it?

by princefinn

It's funny to me how humans live. They go about their lives, barely realizing what's going on around them. I've watched them for a while now, observing from a far. They almost glide around life.

I myself live far up in the clouds, making sure everything goes as planed. I, however, did not plan on falling in love with a human. He goes by the name Advik and he really is quite lovely.

But because I am a god, I will have to let him grow on his own. I can't help him, contact him, or even remotely make myself known to him. It gets hard sometimes. He gets beat up a lot.

But still, I just watch. every day for all of eternity. Humans go about their fragile lives, making a big deal of the smallest inconvenience. It truly id funny, isn't it?

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