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by princefinn

He smiles. I smile back. He places a hand around my waist, taking my free hand in his. I let the music guide us. We sway slowly, then move faster, only to go back to swaying.

The faint smell of cigarettes lingers on the person next to us. We look back at each other. He leans in and kisses me, his lips tasting of wine. No words are shared. Just smiles and movement.

He pulled me in closer, kissing me yet again. The music seemed to stop. Out of all the kisses we've shared, this is by far the best. All sounds fade away. the the kiss breaks. He looks down at me

He gets down on one knee, pulling out a gold engagement ring. I say yes and we kiss again, hugging. We keep dancing for an hour more, soon leaving for our apartment.

Then everything started to fall away. He vanished. So did the car. And the street. Soon I woke up in bed, clutching the sheets. My chest was drenched in sweat, along with my neck.

"He's still dead..." I told myself, tears running down my cheeks. Three months had passed. I fell asleep sobbing, gripping the sheets where my lover once lay

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princefinnCommunity member
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It's strange how our minds try to hang on to the times of happiness trying to ree live them time and time again mabey in fear of not finding happyness again loss is hard to accept at any time but at least our minds can relieved some of the pain by remembering happier times