“Her” pricelesspoetry

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pricelesspoetry Poetry with depth and meaning.
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“Her” is about a vision, an influencer, perfection and imagination. By the end you’ll be asking: Did he loose his one shot at love... or was it all in his head?

“Her” pricelesspoetry

There was something different about Her Not the way She looked or was seen...

But they way She reacted, the way she understood people more than they understood themselves She didn’t offer advice or protection, She absorbed, She took their worries and brokenness and made them feel wanted ...

She made people feel... alive. She was more than reassurance, She was the vision of hope...

Some tried to break her. They tried to tell her she was nothing without flawless beauty. She was nothing without conforming to their expectations. She was nothing if not perfect.

But she didn’t fight back, oh no, She laughed. She thanked them for their opinion, leaving them awestruck. As their eyes widened to the size of their pride...

She was an angel sent from the heavens, who didn’t beat the devil, She outsmarted him. She took a game of one-on-one to another level...

Her poker face couldn’t be predicted... She was in a game of cards with the best players in the world and all the aces on Her side. Some called it luck... or said She was a cheat...

I watched her every move till her last day... They called me a stalker. They said I was utterly obsessed. Maybe their right...

Or maybe I fell in love with a Goddess, Who could never love anyone back... Because she was too good to be true.

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