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I was and still am a broken machine {August 2016}

Silver (A Machine)

Know your machine well, mechanic

ONE I am an imperfect machine Broken enough to willingly serve myself To the first person to call me beautiful

TWO I am noisy under pressure I often break down I'm not equipped for the fast- paced life

THREE If you ask for a piece of me, I will always, always, always give away The rusty part, the only part left

FOUR Be patient with an old piece Oil and water will be your best friends Time is your enemy

FIVE Be a good reader In case of technical difficulties, Find the manual lost inside me

SIX Be resourceful enough to fill my cracks Words are nothing... everything Please, be careful

SEVEN Buff my scratches Lather me in new coatings Help me find my shine again

EIGHT Be careful of the loose nails There is poison on their tips Sorry, love isn't the medicine this time

NINE My wheels are unhinged The screws are inside your heart I'm still working on the key's duplicate

TEN I will always be too much I will consume more than a lot of energy But I promise never to drain you out

ELEVEN Fixing me will leave stinging stains I'll creep inside you, and be The iron inside your bloodstream

TWELVE Don't keep me chained Left exposed to the sun, dust, and pain I am allergic to all three

THIRTEEN Love me because of my missing pieces The spaces will allow you to breathe You are free to wander; leave new pieces

FOURTEEN I am easily replaced But I hope you try to keep me Stay a while or stay forever

FIFTEEN Keep a steady hand One slip, and I'm gone God, I hope you know what you're doing

SIXTEEN Love is a dirty thing, but I have enough to fill you up.

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