An Ode to his Four Walls
An Ode to his Four Walls hopeful stories

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Inspo: Pyramus and Thisbe
{March 2017}

An Ode to his Four Walls

He is never mine, never mind. But you, his four walls, Always know No, no, no

No matter how hard He tries to hide, You see, You watch

His stopwatch beeps "Time!" Time for him to unmask, to show what I was too afraid to see What I was too scared to understand

Busy me never saw How cheeky a criminal he was Wishing to steal so much from me: a glance, a kiss, my heart.

Little did he know I could give him more More than what he could ask for

But busy me didn't hear Hear his plea, His cry for help, His simple "hi",

I didn't hear him Call me beautiful

Busy me didn't read between the lines Didn't see behind the jokes Didn't know beforehand that He was mine, in his mind.

This is our modern take on "Pyramus and Thisbe". So many things we couldn't see. So many things we couldn't understand. The flaw on our wall was the answer.

"Love will find a way" ALWAYS.

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