6 Slides about mariana
6 Slides about mariana stories

prettymadnessCommunity member
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6 Slides about mariana

by prettymadness

I grew up in lisbon.

Growing up here was interesting because its a very beautiful city with lots of things to do you have both the beach and the mountains so its really amazing.

In my spare time I read, play games or watch anime ^^

I initially got into this because well i just love reading and ive always been around gamers my brother my friends at school and ever since i was a child i loved Japanese cartoons :)

My proudest moment was when

i corrected a college professor in front of his class and some other students and no one noticed his error. well that and being able to take care of myself and my brother ^^

I want this because ive always wanted to get away some how experience new things and new people .

Now, I am a a student.

I want to get in translation and publishing .

I'm looking forward to start college .

I'm excited about this because i want to experience something new meet new people and hopefully travel to the UK to be with my bf ;).

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