I am going to Mars
I am going to Mars courage stories

prettygirl_12 Community member
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Courage is all Sofia needs to go to Mars and save herself from the destruction of the Earth.

I am going to Mars

The Earth is about to blow. Us humans have not been careful with our planet. We have overexploited everything it had to give. Now, it is about to be anhilated in a heartbeat, leaving only a bright flash of energy.

My name is Sofia.

I am 21 years old.

Today, I am going to Mars.

I am scared. But having courage isn't about not being afraid. It's about doing something terrifying even though you have fears. I was told that being brave was doing something without fear, but far braver are those who face their fears. So here I am, about to make Canada proud.

I can see it up ahead. I feel so small compared to the immensity of the universe.

It is a deep, dark red. Except for one small spot. Our sterile facility, where I will grow old and spend the rest of my life.

At least I have the people I love here with me. My twin Ella, my mother Annabelle and my small baby sister Julia.

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