Too Late

Too Late love #sad #lovestory #feelings #broken stories

prettilayko Neither a heroine nor a villain..
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She was lost..
He found her..
But it was too late..

Too Late

By: prettilay®

She has a life...

She has a family

She has friends

She has talent and skills.

But she feels empty with her life's monotony.

She's not unhappy..

But she isn't happy either way.

She's tired of wearing the mask that appeals to many.

Then one ordinary day...

He came her way unexpectedly.

"Hi baby, why do you look so lonely?"

His beautiful deep-seated eyes looked at her intensely.

His looks sent shivers down her spine making her feel chilly.

He gave her attention for no apparent reason.

"Why me? I'm no longer free.." was her sad question.

"I don't need to have reasons why I'm feeling this attraction."

"You are too young and too handsome for me."

"Don't worry, it doesn't bother me in any way."

His warm smiles make her knees go jelly

and her heart beats rapidly.

She suddenly became extremely giddy.

But she couldn't be totally happy.

He came too late...

Too late... She's no longer free.

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